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Charro Ranch Park
Dripping Springs Ranch Park
Founders Park and Pool
Veterans Park
The City of Dripping Springs has a total of five unique parks in its current park system. We invite you to visit our parks and enjoy all of what Dripping Springs has to offer. Park trails remain open for hiking, running, horseback riding (where designated at Dripping Springs Ranch Park) and dog walking (all dogs must be on leash at all times in Dripping Springs Parks and on trails). Tactile surfaces (playgrounds, picnic tables, bathrooms & bird blinds) are also open.

Did you know?

Why are there dead trees in our parks?

Standing dead trees, called snags, provide birds and mammals with shelter to raise young and raptors with unobstructed vantage points. Large downed trees also provide important habitat for wildlife.

Hundreds of species of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish benefit from snags for food, nesting or shelter!

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common sense approach to managing pests. Landscapes are monitored regularly, problems properly identified, severity considered, control options evaluated; and then, selected least-toxic control(s) are implemented. 

The City of Dripping Springs employs IPM approach in all of its parks and public spaces.

Main IPM Messages

  • Accurately diagnose problems before considering any treatment
  • Use least-toxic solutions when addressing landscape problems
  • Don’t apply fertilizer or pesticides before a rain
  • Don’t kill every bug – 95% of insects are not pests
  • Use pesticides as a last resort
  • Always read and follow pesticide label instructions
  • Encourage beneficial insects
  • If you follow Grow Green practices you already practice IPM!

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