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Texas Night Sky Festival
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Texas Night Sky Festival

Third Annual Hays County Master Gardeners Plant Sale

Hays County Master Gardeners are pleased to announce the third annual Plant Sale will be held in conjunction with the Texas Night Sky Festival, Saturday March 18, 2017 from 1:30 until 8:00 PM, at Dripping Springs Ranch Park.

The Gardeners have been doing lots of seed planting, propagating, and transplanting. They have been putting in much time and love to bring you their finest seedlings and transplants from their very own home gardens. The sale will feature vegetables, herbs, xeriscape, natives, annuals, perennials, landscaping plants, and butterfly and hummingbird plants. Cash only. The proceeds of this sale will benefit continuing education programs and training classes.  

Texas Master Gardeners is a volunteer program designed to grow horticultural information throughout the state, town by town. To become a Texas Master Gardener, attends 50 hours of instruction conducted by the local Extension county agent, then shares this knowledge by donating 50 hours of volunteer service back to the community. 

The touch of Texas Master Gardeners’ green thumbs can be found across the state — in school garden projects, horticultural therapy projects, community gardens and demonstration gardens; by volunteers who also conduct gardening programs and answer gardening questions. Anything anyone wants to know about gardening, a Master Gardener can help.

For more information about the Hays Counter Master Gardeners, click here to visit our Facebook page.