Street Closure Permit Request


Street Closure Permit Application:
Street Closure Requests must be received at least 30 days in advance of the closure date.

13.12 Temporary Public Right-of-Way Usage Permit: $50.00/day 
13.13 Temporary Public Street Closure Permit: $250.00 
13.14 Temporary Public Street Closure Permit Extension: $100.00


  1. Temporary Street Closure Application
  2. Detailed Engineered Traffic Control Plan
  3. Notification to affected property owners, local Sherriff, Fire, and EMS, Dripping Springs Independent School District, Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation, City of Dripping Springs Wastewater Operator, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Verizon Wireless, Time Warner Cable, any other Utility Providers
  4. Permit Fee of $250.00
  5. Proof of Liability Insurance Naming City as Additional Insured.
  6. Approval of City Council

NOTICE:  The Permit will become invalid on the expiration date noted on the permit.  If an extension is necessary, the request, along with a Permit Extension Fee of $100.00 must be submitted ten days prior to the expiration date or this permit will become invalid and a Stop Work Order may be placed on the project.

Please download the correct pdf application form from the left margin and submit to Parks & Community Services Director.