Pre-Development/Application Meetings

Please be aware that the City is currently under a temporary development moratorium and your application may be delayed. The information on our application meetings below is affected by this moratorium.

For more information please go to
or email [email protected].


Pre-Development/Application Meetings are an opportunity to meet with City Staff to discuss your future plans for development. While Pre-Development/Application Meetings are not required for all projects, we highly encourage taking advantage of these meetings.

Please come prepared with a vision for what you would like to do. This helps us to better understand your project. We will explain the process for development and standards or constraints that may apply. Pre-development/Application meetings are generally scheduled in 1 hour increments.

The Fee for Pre-application meetings is $180

You will have the opportunity to meet with staff members that review your future applications and permits as you continue through the City processes. Following our meeting, staff will provide any additional documentation or research discussed in the meeting. Please allow staff 10 business days to complete the research and gather documentation discussed.

Request a Pre-Development/Application Meeting

To request a Pre-Development/Application Meeting please click here to set up a meeting. Afterwards please fill out the PDM Form and email this document to [email protected] or contact us via email or call (512)858-4725 and ask to speak to the Planning Department.

To help you prepare for that meeting please see our subidvision application or site development application.