Be A Star Awards Presented

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November 17, 2021 – At last night’s City Council Meeting, the City of Dripping Springs recognized nine stellar businesses who received the BE A STAR AWARD from the Texas Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association. The award recognizes landowners who contribute to conservation efforts by protecting the night sky. Their properties were identified by the City as those that comply with the award criteria and are great examples of compliance with the City of Dripping Springs Lighting Ordinance.

The winners of the BE A STAR AWARD are:

  • Austin Regional Clinic
  • Arrowhead Ranch Amenity Center
  • Flying Fish Swim Academy
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Ledgestone Commercial Shell Building
  • Merritt Hill Country Senior Village Apartments
  • St. Dymphna Center at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church
  • Texas Regional Bank
  • Walnut Springs Elementary School

The BE A STAR Program rewards landowners who contribute to conservation efforts by protecting the night sky. The program encourages landowners to evaluate their outdoor lighting and use lighting that eliminates glare, light trespass, and other forms of light pollution while at the same time helping them see better on their property.

Dripping Springs was the first city in Texas to be designated as an International Dark Sky Community in 2014, and the sixth one in the world. Since then, the City and its residents and business partners have diligently maintained that unique distinction. Whether you are a company, organization, or individual homeowner, you can help eliminate light pollution and help protect our night skies by following these Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting agreed upon by the Illuminating Engineering Society and International Dark-Sky Association (IDA):

  • Every light should have a clear purpose
  • Light should be directed only where it is needed
  • Light should be no brighter than necessary
  • Light should be turned on only during the time it is needed
  • Use warmer color lights rated under 3000 Kelvin where possible

In addition, to keep interior lighting from contributing to skyglow and bird navigation issues:

  • Draw blinds or curtains to reduce light spill into the out of doors
  • Turn off interior lighting when people are not there, especially on higher stories
  • Businesses can substitute task and targeted area lighting for workers during hours of darkness
  • Reduce atrium lighting whenever possible

The BE A STAR AWARDS program is run by the Texas Night Sky Festival® Association (TNSF Association) in support of the International Dark-Sky Association Texas Section (IDA Texas). The nine Dripping Springs businesses who were celebrated with the BE A STAR AWARD each received a 12” x 9” sign to display on their property that shows their lighting considers nature, their neighbors, and their shared view of the night sky. They are also featured on the City’s website, with beautiful photography taken by the Photographers of Dripping Springs. The photo gallery of the recipients can be seen on the Night Sky section, 

For questions for more information, please the Communications department at  [email protected] or call the City at 512-858-4725.