water usage graphic

WTCPUA and DSWSC are both is Stage 3 Water Conservation and are experiencing critically low tank levels due to high irrigation demand. Please CURTAIL IRRIGATION use. Irrigation uses the majority of our water. Please strictly follow the guidelines that both WTCPUA and DSWSC have put out regarding when you can irrigate your lawn. This is crucial to ensure we have enough water for consumption and emergency services.

ADDITIONALLY, If you are looking to build a pool, please note that the City of Dripping Springs will not approve pool construction permits without approval from your water supply company.  

Conservation is key right now, so our residents have water they need.

For more information regarding restrictions for WTCPUA customers, please visit: For restrictions for DSWSC customers, go to For questions on the pool construction permits, please contact the City’s Building Department at 512-858-4725.