Dripping Springs Wastewater Customers’ May Bills will Reflect New Winter Averaging Rates

April 17, 2024 – City wastewater customers will see rate changes on their wastewater bill being sent from the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corp in May. Wastewater rates are based on water consumption through December, January, and February. This is the winter averaging period and is conducted annually.

Customers who believe that their new wastewater rate is incorrect due to errors in usage reporting, leaks, or other causes, can apply for a wastewater billing rate adjustment. To receive a wastewater billing rate adjustment, customers must do the following:

  • Customers must fill out a Wastewater Adjustment Form. https://acrobat.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:VA6C2:64608604-48e4-439f-881c-b19e78ad290b
  • Along with submitting the form, customers must also submit proof via email:
    • usage reports from DSWSC or plumbing invoice/receipts due to breaks/leaks, property owner’s receipts of materials, supplies, etc.
  • If approved, rates will be adjusted, and the customer will receive notice from the City. The rate adjustment will be reflected on the next month’s bill.

There is a 90-day limit to request WW Adjustments. This must be due to an error in usage reporting, leaks or natural disasters that occurred. This does not include excessive water use due to irrigation.

For more information about the wastewater billing rate adjustment call 512-858-4725.